About Grand Rewards

Grand Rewards is our great new loyalty program. The Grand Rewards program allows us to recognise, reward and show our appreciation to our customers. The more you spend, the more your rewarded!

How it works

  • Grand Rewards is free to join
  • Members will have access to exclusive promotions and offers
  • Grand Rewards points will be accumulated as follows:
  1. Food purchases (excluding lunch specials): $1 = 2 points
  2. Beverage purchases: $1 = 1 point
  3. Bottle shop purchases: $1 = 1 point
  4. Accommodation purchase: $1 = 1point
  • Grand reward points will be counted to the second decimal point. For example, purchasing an alocholic beverage for $2.35 would give you 2.35 points.
  • A beverage, bottle shop pr accommodation purchase of $20 equals 20 points
  • A food purchase of $20 will equal 40 points
  • A Grand Reward point is valued at 5 cents. So 10 points equal 50 cents or 20 points equal 1 dollar.
  • Points maybe redeemed at any time, as long as the points redeemed cover the entire transaction.
  • Loyalty card must be presented at time of purchase to accumulate points



  1. This members loyalty program supersedes and/or replaces any other promotion or members program at the Grand Hotel Kiama.
  2. Grand Hotel Kiama may at anytime,
    1. change these conditions without notice or reason.
    2. Change, terminate or suspend this rewards program as deemed necessary.
    3. Grand Hotel Kiama will have no obligation to continue with the rewards program or to provide the benefit.
    4. Grand Hotel Kiama may use a representative or agent at its discretion to provide the reward.
    5. All care will be taken to ensure that the information given is accurate by Grand Hotel Kiama but no liability will be accepted.
    6. Grand Hotel Kiama reserves the right to cancel any members participation in the loyalty program if:
      1. A member behaves in an inappropriate manner
      2. Does not comply with the terms and conditions herein
      3. Does not use the loyalty program over a 3 month period.
      4. If membership is cancelled then all points will be cancelled.
      5. Membership card must be presented at the till when purchases are made to be entitled to discounts.
      6. Discounts cannot be redeemed for goods sold at a concession.
      7. Change may not be given for discounts.
      8. Points or Discounts may not be redeemed for cash.
      9. Points or discounts are not transferable.
      10. A members card must be used by the member.
      11. In the event of a power failure, system malfunction or event beyond the control of Grand Hotel Kiama resulting in the non accrual of reward points will not be subsequently allocated.